Logic (Mantiq)


Logic (Mantiq)

Year: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year


2nd year text: Khulasatul Mantiq by Abdul Haadi al-Fadhli

3rd and 4th year text: al-Mantiq by Sheikh Muhammad Ridha Muzaffar


All human sciences and fields of knowledge are products of human thinking–the intellectual process by which our understanding of the truths and realities around us can expand and deepen. The process of thinking must lead either to results which are correct and acceptable, or results which are incorrect and unacceptable. If certain principles and general rules are followed, then the results of thinking will be correct, revealing truth, but if these principles and rules are violated, then the results will be erroneous. The need for correct results in thinking is more crucial in the Islamic sciences than in any other field of human knowledge. In physics, for example, if logical rules of reasoning are not followed, it would lead to an incorrect understanding about physical laws, but if the same thing happens in fiqh or aqaaid, it would lead to an incorrect understanding of Allah and his commands and prohibitions. This is why Logic (Mantiq) is one of the foundations of the howzah education, because if these general principles and rules regarding correct thinking are not inculcated into students, then they will be unable to benefit from anything else they learn.