The academic program at Imam Ali Seminary, modelled after the traditional system of the howah ‘ilmiyyah, is designed to introduce our students to the basic tools of scholarship. The familiarity and proficiency that our students acquire regarding subjects like Islamic Beliefs (Aqaa’id), Islamic Legal Rulings (Fiqh), Arabic Grammar and Word Morphology (Nahw and Sarf), Logic (Mantiq), Principles of Jurisprudence (Usul ul-Fiqh), and Ethics (Akhlaaq) will give them a solid foundation on which to continue their studies. At Imam Ali Seminary, our first year curriculum introduces some of the most important concepts with textbooks and instruction in English. Starting in the second year, all of our textbooks are in Arabic, while classroom instruction is still in English. This enables our students to steadily develop and strengthen their proficiency in studying and understanding Arabic texts without the aid of translation. In the third and fourth years, our students also begin their study of the Persian (Farsi) language to prepare them for continuing their studies in the howzah of Qom, Iran.

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