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Imam Ali Seminary is a 2-4 year Islamic studies program (Howzah ‘Ilmiyyah) which prepares students from the West to pursue advanced studies in the prestigious howzahs of Qom, Iran or Najaf, Iraq. Our program is tuition-free and we provide housing and other necessities, so that our students may focus completely on their studies and self-development.

Our students come from communities across America

Imam Ali Seminary students reflect the cultural and geographic diversity of Shia Muslim communities in North America. Since 2010, we have had 3 graduating classes of students of all backgrounds.

Our program prepares our students for further studies in the Islamic seminaries (howzah ‘ilmiyyah) of Qom and Najaf.

Imam Ali Seminary is only the beginning for our students. We do everything we can to send our graduates to the next level of studies with all of the tools they need to be successful.

We currently have several students who are well established in their studies in Qom and more who are in the process of transferring there. We also have students who are well established in their studies in Najaf.

Finally, our students will return to our communities and share their knowledge, inshaallah.

In order for Islam to grow and thrive in the West, our communities must have scholars who have grown up here and who are fluent in the language and culture. We believe that our students will be capable of fulfilling this need.

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